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What does it take to create a ‘multipotentialite‘? The integrity and courage to connect and pursue your creative interests. 

Andrea Smith of Salal Credit Union is just that. With a background in healthcare and retail management, Andrea’s passion for healthcare rights and talent acquisition has manifested her a future focused on bettering employees and leaders of the business community. She does so with grace from the lens of human resources and the motivating desire to coach people throughout their journey of professional development.  

Smith owns an LLC for her HR & Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) consulting business. She started her consulting business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being a mother of two, Andrea instinctively knew that the way to thrive through this was to pour more heart into the circumstances. Unbeknownst to Andrea, she was one TedTalk away from a dawning thought of inspiration. The brief TedTalk discussed the significance of living life as a Multipotentialite, opposed to doubting that we have a singular calling. She reflected on the reality that people don’t always know what exactly they’re good at, but believing in yourself enough to pursue your passions and aspirations is just as vital as having a gift. After all, it took a leap of faith to start a business during a global pandemic, and even that worked out!

Andrea is a human resources project manager, certified in change management, certified in professional recruiting, and certified in diversity recruiting. Within the three years Andrea has worked at Salal Credit Union, she has been offered three promotions. Specializing in recruitment needs, coaching, professionals, and leaders, Smith helps individuals navigate the fundamentals of their roles strategically and consciously. Her human resources focus stems from her philosophy of building up the person first, to then enhance and evolve the overall performance of the business. She also does EDI strategic plans within her organization to help with team and community inclusivity and sensitivity. Essentially, helping to bridge communication gaps for the agendas in place that help to keep us all safe.

Her blend of diverse leadership roles makes her a stellar resource for the community, helping to initiate change, and positively impacting the business world with her compassion for humanity. Thank you, Andrea Smith, for being the influential creator and coach that you are! Your story and passion are an inspiration.

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