By Devin Otto
Intern, Big Picture High School

The Museum of Flight in Tukwila will finally be opening their long awaited exhibit.
The Apollo Exhibit, which was announced a few years back and confirmed in February of this year, will be officially opened to the public on May 20.
The exhibit is focused mostly on the technological advances in space travel that erupted during the cold war, and will showcase the machines used by both the Americans and Soviets.
The opening will be celebrated with a week-long event, which will include activities for children & families.
The exhibit will include an early Soviet space suit, a Boeing land rover, the first Apollo command center, and more.
The main artifacts seem to be the F-1 engines, which were recovered from the sea in 2013, and powered Apollo 12 and Apollo 16.
“While Apollo reached orbit, the engines that got it there were already forgotten, sinking deeper than the Titanic. They lay lost at the bottom of the sea for 43 years until discovered and raised by Seattle-based Bezos Expeditions in 2013.”
For more information:
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The Museum of Flight is located at 9404 E Marginal Way S.:

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