Senator Karen Keiser is holding an online town hall at 11am Monday morning, July 6th on federal health reform at the link below:

Sen. Keiser represents the 33rd District, which includes SeaTac, Normandy Park, Des Moines, Kent and other areas.

From her website:

Sen. Keiser has been a Washington State Senator since 2001 and has earned a reputation as a tireless advocate for improving the nation’s outdated, inefficient and fragmented health care system. Before coming to the senate, she served in the state House of Representatives from 1996 to 2001.

Karen is chair of the Senate Health & Long-Term Care Committee, and works to improve the state’s health care delivery system. She is vice-chair of the Labor, Commerce, Research & Development Committee and a member of the senate’s powerful Ways and Means Committee. The former journalist and communications director holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s in journalism from the University of California

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One reply on “Sen. Karen Keiser Holding Online Health Care Forum Monday Morning 7/6 At 11am”

  1. People are so worried about losing their job, coverage, denial of treatment, which seems to increase bank deposit latetly. That means stimulus funding mainly goes toward bank deposit for a rainy day increasing jobless rate. It proves again that a healthy society yields better productivity, prosperity.
    It is time to ‘Change’ the notion of the public health as a fundamental human right and install ‘a safety system for all’ like all of the other industrialized nations, I think.

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