On Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2023 at 5:11 p.m., King County Sheriff’s Office Metro Deputies responded to a fatal shooting on board a Metro bus at the location of SW Roxbury and 15th Ave SW in White Center (map below).

Sadly, after an extensive search with Guardian 1, K9 Teams, Drones, and the assistance of Seattle Police, they were not able to apprehend the suspect(s) responsible for this tragic event.

Identity of the shooting victim, nor a description of any suspects(s), have yet been released.

Police said that KCSO Major Crimes detectives will continue to investigate this case until a resolution is reached and the responsible person(s) are found.

“It is unfortunate that a community member has been victimized by gun violence in our community,” Sgt. Eric White said. “KCSO acknowledges the trauma that gun violence causes in our community. We are sad to say that a community member died as a result of this shooting and again acknowledge the trauma this has caused to the community member’s family, friends, and communities throughout King County.”

As this is an active and open investigation, no further information was released.

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One reply on “Shooting on Metro bus kills man in White Center Tuesday”

  1. If it was “gang violence, or a mugging, or a robbery,” Sgt. Eric White blamed it on “gun violence.” And off course, “gun reform” is a euphemism for “gun control,” which is a euphemism for gun confiscation and always has been. Never mind that only law-abiding citizens obey laws, or that many cities with the most restrictive self-defense policies have become the most dangerous cities in the nation — where law-abiding citizens are increasingly victims of outlaws.

    Likewise, “gun violence” is a euphemism for “cultural violence,” which is the actual underlying problem.

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