Photo courtesy Vanessa Aldrich

The sh*t really hit the fan Friday night (Jan. 15) when Burien Police / King County Sheriff’s Office deputies both heard and were called to a reported, very loud explosion near the old Sunnydale Elementary School in Burien around 8:50 p.m. on Friday evening.

Police say that a device or “event” destroyed a Porta Potty, generating a very loud boom and smoke (“it blowed up real good”). Reports were widespread from all over Burien from residents who heard the explosion.

A King County Deputy secured the crappy scene and confirmed no additional damage or injuries (hopefully while wearing a hazmat suit, gloves and a face mask).

A report was taken (case #C2100682).

There are no known suspects, motives, injuries or additional information, and no word yet on who had to clean up the mess, which was most likely pretty dang stinky.

The old Sunnydale Elementary School now houses Transform Burien at 15623 Des Moines Memorial Drive S.:


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