Our friends at the Three Tree Point Fireworks Fund are seeking the community’s help:

Dear Burien and Normandy Park residents,
We are writing this letter to ask for your support with this year’s Three Tree Point 4th of July firework celebration which has been, over past decades, a fun day filled with events at the beach.
We’d like to thank everyone who has been involved organizing and sponsoring the children‘s parade, raiser of the flag and fireworks throughout the years.
To keep this tradition going, we are asking for your help now.
Our goal is to raise $15,000 by April 1st to make the down payment on the barge (which is a new requirement this year).
As you can imagine, there are substantial costs involved in hiring a tug and barge, professional pyro-technician and paying for fireworks, insurance, permits and se- curity detail. We need a total of $35,000.
If we are unable to raise the amount needed for the deposit, we will return all funds and sadly cancel the show.
In order to save this fun event, we will have to commit early & generously.
We are hopeful that we can keep this wonderful tradition going as it is part of our communities’ legacy.
For more information, please see these various pages:

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Thank you,
The Three Tree Point Firework Committee
Suggested Donations

  • BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! $1000 and above
  • Red, White and Blue $500-$1000
  • Star Spangled $250-$500
  • Rocket’s Red Glare $100-$250
  • Stars and Stripes $1-$100

Each business donor with a $500 or more donation will be given the option to be advertised in our various platforms.

Please make your checks payable to:

Three Tree Point Fireworks Fund
PO Box 1229
Seahurst, WA 98062


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