BTB Reader Ethan Busse, 16, shared this great photo he took of the fireworks at Three Tree Point (click image to see larger version):
New Burien resident Elston J. Hill also celebrated the 4th of July at Three Tree Point, and shared these pics and stories with us.
“I am new to the neighborhood and these were my first effort at taking fireworks pictures and all of these are Three Tree Point,” Elston said.

Yesterday morning we walked down to the Beach at Three Tree Point. The south side of Three Tree Point looks like a little beach community which it is. These people own both sides of the road and many have boats out in the water during the summer time. We had never seen it so busy. Turns out that they have all kinds of neighborhood activities including a little Fourth of July Parade with children riding their tricycles up the street. But the big activity comes in the evening when they bring in a barge and have their own private fireworks show. It was already a zoo down there, so we retreated to our house which was isolated from all this activity but not the noise.


At dark, we had an amazing fireworks show! Actually, numerous shows in a 180 degree panorama. West Seattle was constantly lit up with fireworks. We could see the fireworks show at Bainbridge Island as well as the major fireworks show on Vashon Island at the harbor. There were also fireworks going on up and down the beach below us. It was as if we were in a middle east war zone. At 10:15, the fireworks show from the barge at Three Tree Point took place. A modest show, but all visible from our deck.


Incidentally, Cliff Mass, the weather guru at the University of Washington, says that the highest pollution day of the year is July 4 when all these fireworks go off.
Belated Happy Fourth!

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