Awash in red, white and blue in front of a crowd of thousands, the 93rd annual Independence Parade made its way around downtown Burien on the 4th of July, and Photographer Michael Brunk was there to capture the action: [gallery link="file" ids="75196,75197,75198,75199,75200,75201,75202,75203,75204,75205,75206,75207,75208,75209,75210,75212,75213,75214,75215,75216,75217,75218,75219,75220,75221,75222,75223,75224,75225,75226,75227,75228,75229,75230,75231,75232,75233,75234,75235,75236,75237,75238,75239,75240,75241,75242,75243,75244,75245,75246,75247,75248,75249,75250,75251,75252,75253,75254,75255,75256,75257,75258,75259,75260,75262,75263,75264,75265,75266,75267,75268,75269,75270,75271,75272,75273,75274,75275,75276,75277,75278,75279,75280,75281,75282,75283,75284,75285,75286,75287,75288,75289,75290,75291,75292,75293,75294,75295,75296,75297,75298,75299,75300,75301,75302,75303,75304,75305,75306,75307,75308,75309,75310,75311,75312,75313,75314,75315,75316,75317,75318,75319,75320,75321,75322,75323,75324,75325,75326,75327,75328,75329,75330,75331,75332,75333,75334,75335,75336,75337,75338,75339,75340,75341,75342,75343"]]]>

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3 replies on “PHOTOS: Pics from this year's Independence Day Parade in Burien”

  1. I loved seeing and hearing the SeaFair Pirates, they are everything that Seattle/Burien is trying so hard not to be anymore, fun, loud and obnoxious when the right occasion arises.

  2. I walked for my State Senate candidacy in the 33rd District. We had a great time and we had a generous turnout of family, supporters, and fellow Republicans. My 5 year old grandson’s wagon he was riding in was a candy lobbing target for the Sea Fair clowns. He had a ball. We enjoyed meeting everyone regardless of party affiliation. The weather was wonderful. What a great day!!

  3. It would be nice if you used a mobile tablet friendly image solution. I would love to see the pictures, but it’s difficult on my Android phone, and impossible on my iPad.

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