Our friends at the Tin Room Bar & Theater recently had an original, 2009 Betty Vacca painting very similar to this one stolen right off their wall recently: IMG_2987 Painted by award-winning local Artist Betty Vacca – who sadly passed away in March 2015 at the age of 86 – this beloved painting was stolen off the southwest rear corner of the bar, measures roughly 14″ x 16″, and was framed. “This was stolen right off the walls of the Tin Room,” Owner Dan House told The B-Town Blog. “I am offering a $500.00 reward and 10 margaritas for its return – no questions asked.” The question in all our minds of course is:

“How the heck could you get this painting off the walls, then avoid being seen or bumping into someone you know with it jammed under your overcoat, all while avoiding security cameras…?”
House adds that Vacca frequented the Tin Room often, where she sipped Manhattans and became a good friend of the bar and its staff. She was a lifelong resident of the area, and attended Highline High School, where she met her late husband of 56 years, Tony Vacca. Together they raised a family of four children. In 2014 she was named the City of Burien’s “Citizen of the Year.” Betty is of course missed by all, so finding this painting and returning it to its rightful location is important…and don’t forget the handsome reward of $500 bucks and 10 margaritas! If you have any information about this theft, please call the Tin Room at (206) 242-8040, or email Dan at sausageman@seanet.com.]]>

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2 replies on “STOLEN: Betty Vacca painting snatched from walls of Tin Room; reward offered”

  1. This is one of times I’m almost ashamed to say…I was born and raised in Burien!

  2. I would say inside job check who has a set keys to the building and who has the code for the alarm system if you have one. Highly unlikely someone would stuff a painting like this under a coat.
    Especially when the artists is deceased the art work becomes more valuable. Think of anyone that has asked about the painting before it disappeared. Any employees recently let go any friends of the owners or employees in debt or looking for ways to make money.

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