What started as a class project has transformed into a delightful cookbook and fundraiser for the Highline Schools Foundation.

Students in teacher Michael Dobranski’s classroom at Beverly Park Elementary spent the fall exploring their individual cultures through recipes that are special to their families. After learning what they have in common and celebrating their differences, the students brought their recipes together by creating a classroom cookbook.

Cooking With the All-Stars: The Awesome Cookbook of the 2020-21 Dobranski All-Stars” showcases 13 kid-approved recipes. From Saint’s Samoan Chop Suey to Peter’s Birthday Piñata Cake, the cookbook has a recipe for everyone in the family.

The cookbook is available to download through the Highline Schools Foundation with a suggested donation of $10.00. One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit the Highline Schools Foundation.

“Our classroom and each of us as individuals have directly benefited from the generosity and support of the Highline Schools Foundation. We are excited and proud of this opportunity to give back and help our friends in schools across our district by sharing our classroom cookbook with the world,” said teacher Michael Dobranski.

Each recipe comes with a list of ingredients, directions and photos of the family that the recipe honors.

To get your copy of “Cooking With the All-Stars: The Awesome Cookbook of the 2020-21 Dobranski All-Stars” and support the Highline Schools Foundation, please visit:


The Highline Schools Foundation unites community support for innovative and equitable learning across Highline Public Schools. As the only nonprofit serving all Highline’s public schools, we provide support and programs aimed at increasing graduation rates, providing basic needs, and supporting teachers, staff, and families throughout the district.

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