Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 9.09.49 PM A man on a motorcycle attempting to elude police crashed into the back of a truck and died Thursday evening (March 5) near Boulevard Park, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office. Police say they were serving a warrant at a home in South Seattle at about 6 p.m., and report that as they were pulling up to the residence, the man jumped on a motorcycle and sped away. He reportedly hit speeds of around 110 MPH before losing control and slamming into a Chevy Silverado near the intersection of 1st Avenue South and S. 112th Street. The motorcyclist was a 39-year old male. There were no injuries to the driver or passengers in the truck. Police say they were not pursuing the motorcycle prior to the collision. As we get more information, we’ll update this post. Here are some relevant Tweets about this incident:


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12 replies on “Man on motorcycle crashes, dies after eluding police Thursday night”

  1. Well I hear cars and motorcycle’s speeding up and down 1st never surprises me when one crashes. Makes me laugh when I hear one speeding and they blow there engine. Then you hear whoop whoop keep your hands were I can see them and slowly step out the vehicle .

    1. How can you say that it makes you laugh when you hear something like this happen? If this happen to you or someone close to you, would you be laughing, then? No, I don’t think so.
      He had a family, kids, mother, friends, a girlfriend. That’s not funny at all.

      1. he was a friend to many people…. Including ME……YOU ARE A A**….I HOPE YOU CAN STILL PRAY FOR YOUR SOUL…

        1. first off you took my comment the wrong way of course it sad for this persons family for any ones family when they lose a love one.

  2. I’m glad no one else was hurt but I’m curious: Where did the 110 mph estimate come from if no one was chasing the motorcycle?

    1. The difference between pursuing and following. Pursuing is stay up close with the suspect
      Following is normally matain a view of the suspect but at a safe speed. So most the police most likely made the estimated guest from there speed and the distance of the suspect. Also it could of been the crime scene investigator .

      1. Hello!! Ever notice what they don’t want you to know something they divert one from thinking that direction?!!! Sick, they were chasing him I’m sure!!

        1. I think you need a little more aluminum foil in your hat. Also nice job trying to troll even try to get the editor attention wow you must have a real busy important life style and make the best choices in life huh. Or your just trying to tick people off to get attention.

  3. I feel bad for the motorcyclist friends and family that he would make such a bad decision and end his life. I feel worse for the driver of the Chevy and through no fault of their own were involved in ending someone’s life. Lets feel worse for the driver and the drivers friends and family.

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