The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that Sunday night (Dec. 6), a SWAT team discovered a tragic scene – a man had shot himself inside his home in the Shorewood neighborhood of Burien. Police say that shortly after 9 p.m., a woman called 911 and said that her husband had threatened to shoot her and himself in a home on Marine View Drive. The woman was able to safely flee the residence. When police arrived, the man was inside, but did not respond when asked to exit the house. TAC30 (SWAT) was called and when they eventually entered the home, they found the man dead with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot. Police have not released any more information at this time.]]>

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5 replies on “SWAT team responds to home in Shorewood Sunday, finds suicide victim”

  1. quite the show of force as allways on the part of king county sheriffs office. roughly 30 police units at shorewood elementary school and another 10 to 15 on scene + swat team. poor guy probably felt it was his only option after looking out the window to see the police turnout. overkill to say the least and def a tragic outcome.

    1. Well with a person going through a mental break down with a loaded firearm there is always safety in numbers. With the police not knowing what exactly this person had in this day and age of assault rifles being lost by police and other large firearms available in the area. You have to see this from the police view. Then there also the fact that not all interaction with the police in a situations like this end in gunfire. That is up to the person involved and if they listen to every command given by the police. But some people in these cases will not listen to police and will do what is called suicide by cop. Where they refuse the commands or reach for a weapon on purpose so the police will have to shoot them. Like what a year or two ago where a guy was in his house refusing to come out to the police then started firing a gun at the police then the police had to return fire for their own safety and the safety of community unfortunately killing the suspect do to suspect’s actions. It’s very unfortunate that these situation sometimes end in a suicide. But this not what the police are trying to do in these situations they want the person to come out give up safely. Do you really think these police really want to kill someone so then they have put up with all paperwork and trips to court putting up the media.

    2. A man threatens to shoot his wife and then turns the gun on himself and your first response is to trash the Police? Lauren B is that you?

      1. your right how dare he criticize a department with drug dealing pimping pandering theives that inject steroids in the ranks of their elite unit ie tac 30 . we wont even mention the competence of the deputy that lost his ar – 15 in the 13500 block of ambaum blvd of all places and yes they love to shoot dogs as well. as a last resort of course !!
        eric or is it deputy eric ?

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