Burien City Council lauds crisis workers, gets peek at new White Center annexation, makes Parks Board selection

By Jack Mayne The Burien City Council passed a proclamation that noted the COVID-19 pandemic “has led to … a global health emergency that has led to unprecedented economic disruption,” […]

Burien City Council to reconsider whether to annex unincorporated White Center

Ten years ago today, the City of Burien annexed North Highline & Boulevard Park

Burien City Council dumps any possible North Highline annexation

Seattle Council OKs resolution on possible North Highline annexation

LETTER: 'Burien…started to decline when Council became obsessed with annexation'

LETTER: 'Annexation is not dead'

Seattle Still Wants North Highline, But Not Now

LETTER: 'A Fiscal Wrench into the Affordability of Annexation at this Time'

REMINDER: City of Burien Annexation Informational Meeting is TONIGHT

LETTER: Joey Martinez Shares More of His Thoughts on Annexation

LETTER: ‘In order to know where we’re going it helps to know where we’ve been’

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11th-Hour Dealing On Puget Sound Park Gives King County Bad Name

Burien Council Expected To Adopt Budget Amendments Monday Night

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Letter To The KCLS Board Re:Puget Sound Park

Burien City Council, Residents React To County’s Pitch For Puget Sound Park; Plus, Take Our Poll…

Fred Jarrett Pitches County’s Plan For Puget Sound Park To Burien Council

BREAKING: Fred Jarrett Pitches County’s Plan For Puget Sound Park To Burien Council

Second letter by Dow Constantine shows apparent support for preserving Puget Sound Park

Dow Constantine To Meet With Local Leaders To Determine Fate Of Puget Sound Park

County’s Stealth Attempts To Sell Puget Sound Park May Postpone Official Annexation

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: King County Is At It Again With Proposed Sale Of Puget Sound Park

Looks Like Official Annexation Day Will Be March 2, 2010

City Of Burien Seeks Input On Zoning Designations For Newly-Annexed Area; Public Hearing Nov. 24th