King County apparently wants to sell Puget Sound Park without public comment or notice.  They had proposed selling it for low income housing during the summer.  This was stopped (?) by public outrage over the sale of a park.

Now the word is that they have a sale pending..  This is wrong on so many levels.  The worst part is that a park should NEVER be sold without public comment and debate.

If this sale was not pending the Burien City Council would have approved annexation of this area on March 2, 2010.  That approval is now on hold.  Many people of the community welcome any holding up of the annexation of North Highline.  Could these people be behind the sale of this park?  I hope not and I think not.

In the election to be annexed  into Burien the control over their area as an issue by the voters, this sale is an example of the high handed tactics of King County Government, without regard for the people effected.

I recognize that the purchase of land by a government from a private party needs to negotiate in private or the cost will go up.  But the disposal of government land needs to be transparent and open or people will wonder about undue enrichment of a government official.

If another government agency is the purchaser then this backroom dealing is terrible, and such behavior by two levels of government should not be tolerated.

– Ed Dacy

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