On Wednesday night, Jan. 18, 2023, around 125 or so of our closest friends and supporters gathered at the Highline Heritage Museum to celebrate The B-Town Blog’s 15th Anniversary at a party co-sponsored by the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce and Discover Burien.

In addition to our growing team, the museum was packed with smiling readers, advertisers, business associates, fellow chamber members and more – all to celebrate our milestone anniversary under the black lights of an awesome “glow museum.”

In addition to chowing down on great food catered by Tony Hayes of Classic Eats, guests enjoyed free drinks served by Denise Ferguson in cool custom keepsake glasses etched with our new logo by Mitchell Allen and company at Discover Burien’s Box Makerspace.



Below are some highlights from the party, which climaxed in a hilarious sing-along of the song “Burien Anthem,” written by Andy Kleitsch with music by the Three Tree Point Blues Band (WARNING: be ready to inhabit a new ear worm after hearing this tune, and be ready to shout “B-Town Baby, don’t call the police!”):

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On exit, happy guests were treated to Swag Bags full of freebies from Atomo beanless Coffee, Everyday is Monday energy drink, a Lowrider Cookie Company Chocolate Chip cookie, a $100 gift certificate for Larson Medical Aesthetics, a custom Valentine Card courtesy Citlali Creative, Discover Burien’s full-color 2023 Events Calendar, a Guest Pass to the Highline Heritage Museum, and of course a classic BTOWN oval car sticker.

“Thanks everyone for 15 years of your amazing support,” Founder/Publisher Scott Schaefer said. “We love B-Town, keeping the community informed with real local journalism, and YOU, and we’re just getting started!”

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