Burien Police/King County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday (April 2) responded to the Auto Zone in the Burien Plaza at 120 SW 148th Street about reports of a man who had attempted to steal some items.

The suspect allegedly threw the stolen car-related products at an employee as he fled the auto parts store.

Police found the suspect near the Rite Aid nearby, and deputies discovered that he had injuries to his head. Burien/Normandy Park Fire Department personnel responded and examined the suspect, who told them the “old injuries” were from being assaulted in Seattle.

Ultimately the proprietors of Auto Zone declined to prosecute, but asked police to trespass him from their store.

He was also trespassed from Rite Aid at the employees request.

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7 replies on “Thief tries to steal from Auto Zone; gets head examined, then is trespassed”

  1. “Old injuries ” received in Seattle. One of our newly arrived citizens from a recently dismantled encampment perhaps? Welcome to Burien, bud. AND we won’t prosecute here. Tell your friends……

    1. last week we heard my neighbors window smash, 1 p.m. we saw a man climbing in their window. they have 3 little girls. the police came in 2 minutes and caught him! great job BPD! keep up the good work!! the man was on drugs no id person from another nation.

    2. Wow Diane one store manger from one location decided not to prosecute and you think that represent the whole city.

      Look at the facts did the person actually leave with the products was there enough of a crime to prosecute most likely not . So they decided to trespass them instead.

      Also it does not state the person was homeless but that he was assaulted in Seattle.

      So Diane nice job on over dramatizing the facts and making assumptions like most of b-town blog commentators.

      but wait you forgot to blame L.B. or the city council for this because they have total control over every ones thought’s and actions in burien right.

      1. Capt obvious,
        Have you ever heard of sarcasm?
        On another note, have you ever attended a city council meeting? Ever?
        Lastly, punctuation helps to get your point across. I can help you with that.

        1. Ahh simple child like behavior. I make a comment about your over dramatic thoughts. You return with something about my punctuation. Like it has anything to with one another.

          Really nice job with your online commenting skill’s. See there sarcasm for you. Happy now

          1. I was being sarcastic, and it’s fine with me if you disagree with my words.

            I did ask if you have ever attended a city council meeting. You did not answer but chose to focus on your punctuation skills. Correct grammar is helpful. It helps the reader follow the argument and understand what the writer is trying to say. Believe me, it’s not just comments made on a blog; it’s our email culture. But I digress. We were actually discussing my comments about some jerk that tried to rob a store and then “had his head examined” (loved the headline, B Town!).

          2. Well for your question I have not attended a council meeting but I have watch most of them online and have read the minutes and other information on the city website as well as reading the stuff on this blog,the highline times,the white center blog and the white center now blog.

            I also pay attention some of local news stations king5,kiro7,and komo 4 and sometimes I read the Seattle times.

            Also this was not a robbery it was a attempted shop lifting where the items did not technically leave the store. So if this would have gone to court most likely the “jerk” would been let go on a technically. So deciding to trespass the person was the best option in this case.

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