This year it’s even more important than ever to support our small and local businesses, and Discover Burien is offering a special BINGO game to help.

The local non-profit business organization will be offering a full month of community-based activities everyone can enjoy.

Click, download and print this handy Shop Local BINGO Card and play along – get five-in-a-row for BINGO and a chance to win gift cards for local businesses or complete the whole card for a chance to win a larger prize from Discover Burien!

Click image, then download and print Discover Burien’s Shop Local BINGO Card.

Entries accepted through Dec. 24, 2020.

Why Shopping Local Matters

Buying local boosts our local economy. When you buy local, more of the money you spend stays in the community. Local businesses like your favorites right here in Burien, are more likely to use other local businesses, banks, and services to support their operations.


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