Have you discovered Burien’s very own paint and sip studio, The Heart Gallery?

It’s well placed on the west end of blossoming SW 153rd Street not far from Bakery Nouveau, Bison Creek Pizza, Angelo’s and a host of other tasty eateries and watering holes; making it a perfect spot to spend an out-of-the-ordinary evening out.

Each ‘Paint and Sip’ event includes inspiring music and atmosphere, (usually with a specific theme and soundtrack to match), all the materials you need as well as guided instruction to create your very own “take-home” masterpiece. The themes vary often and are sure to offer something for just about anyone.

This month you can drink in Tranquility night, lift your spirits with Hot Air Balloons, let the tree of your love grow, revel in  Galentine’s night and of course an extra special Valentines evening event, where you can paint a memory together! (HINT: enter promo code LOVEBIRDS at checkout to save 10% on your Valentine’s visit).

The Heart Gallery is owned and operated by your Burien neighbors Heather and Michael, who look forward to welcoming you into their very own labor of love. When you visit you’ll shop local and feel great about supporting a small business in your ‘hood, plus you get a chance to meet some fellow “makers” who opt for an evening of creativity over a delightful adult beverage.

Need more info?

Read on to discover each of the events, and stay tuned for February part II since this month is packed with even more to enjoy:

Event: Remember the boat times?

Date: FEBRUARY 6, 2020

Time: 7-9PM

Location: The Heart Gallery 627 SW 153rd St. Burien

Description: It’s Tranquility night at The Heart Gallery Paint and Sip. Come relax, unwind and paint a peaceful scene with us. Our soundtrack for the evening will include artists like Ásgeir, Mimicking Birds, Josh Pyke and Rachel Portman. If you’ve never painted before, the thought can be intimidating. Let Heather guide you through your anxiety and you might find that you leave with more than a canvas.

And no, we don’t anticipate Old Gregg making an appearance…

Admission: $40 https://www.heartgallerypaintandsip.com/book-now/Thursday-2-6-20-7-9PM-p167787321

Event: These are hot air balloons.

Date: FEBRUARY 7, 2020

Time: 7-9PM

Location: The Heart Gallery 627 SW 153rd St. Burien

Description: I see you giving painting a chance

4 hot air balloon facts:

• The first humans to fly in an aircraft were French and in a hot air balloon

• The National Balloon Museum is in Indianola, IA

• There is a town in Wisconsin called Hudson and it hosts the Hot Air Affair February 7-9

• Our resident artist, Heather Pasley, used to draw hot air balloons when she was young

If life has you down then paint something up and remember that the first hot air balloon was made of paper and silk, and paper and silk means everything’s gonna be okay

Admission: $40 https://www.heartgallerypaintandsip.com/book-now/Friday-2-7-20-7-9PM-p167788168

Event: Let your love grow

Date: FEBRUARY 8, 2020

Time: 7-9PM

Location: The Heart Gallery 627 SW 153rd St. Burien

Description: This is the Saturday before Valentine’s Day. Why wait for Friday to do something special as a couple? The roots of this tree are representative of your growth as a couple. Come continue to paint your story.

Admission: $40 https://www.heartgallerypaintandsip.com/book-now/Saturday-2-8-20-7-9PM-p167788430

Event: Happy Galentines Day!

Date: FEBRUARY 13, 2020

Time: 7-9PM

Location: The Heart Gallery 627 SW 153rd St. Burien

Description: In the words of Leslie Knope, “It’s like Lilith Fair without the angst”

Admission: $40 https://www.heartgallerypaintandsip.com/book-now/Thursday-2-13-20-7-9PM-p167788406

Event: Valentines Day!

Date: FEBRUARY 14, 2020

Time: 7-9PM

Location: The Heart Gallery 627 SW 153rd St. Burien

Description: 3 paths to a subpar Valentine’s Day, in no particular order:

•  Go out to dinner. Ah yes, a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. It’s as peaceful as going to Costco the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Nothing like a stressed wait staff, burnt food and a $200 bill to say, “This is love”

•  Buy a card with paragraphs of loving words you were unable to articulate yourself

•  Go out to a movie. If I love you means not talking for 2 hours, then you need us stat

1 path to a superb Valentine’s Day

•  Bring your date to the Heart Gallery Paint and Sip and paint a memory together

Admission: $40 https://www.heartgallerypaintandsip.com/book-now/Friday-2-14-20-7-9PM-p161893410

The Heart Gallery
627 SW 153rd Street (map below)
Burien, WA 98166

Phone: 1-833-SIP-DOWN

Website: heartgallerypaintandsip.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Btownpaintandsip/

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