A large Sycamore tree, nearly three-feet in diameter at the trunk, was being removed from Cedarhurst Elementary (611 S 132nd Street) Monday afternoon (April 8) after vandals cut into it over the weekend.
“I asked the crew why it was being removed and they said it was because a vandal came in at night and took a chainsaw to the base,” said BTB Reader Jody Blecksmith. “This created an unsafe condition and they believe it was enough to warrant removing the entire tree. This is a rather significant loss for Burien’s tree canopy cover.”
Here are photos Jody sent us showing the tree as it was being removed (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):
As we learn more about this incident, we’ll update this post…

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7 replies on “Vandals Damage Tree at Cedarhurst Elementary School; District Removing It”

  1. How does someone take a chainsaw to a tree in the middle of the night and no one investigates.

  2. Figure out whose view it was blocking or whose yard it was shading…there’s your prime suspect.

  3. I like to know the name of the company that removed the tree. How much was it to remove it? Because vandal came in at night and took a chainsaw to the base?
    This sounds like the Burien Chainsaw Massacre.
    So here we have another one down and how many more to go? Maybe, just maybe they take chainsaws to them before they will be cut…..who knows.
    I would put nothing past the people that run this council.

    1. I believe it was on the grounds of Cedarhurst Elementary School meaning that the Highline School District would be responsible not the Council. I don’t have any idea May, why don’t you call the District to verify this and let us know the details. Thanks!

      1. You are so right Elizabeth…………..This Burien Council has no responisbility for anything.
        They are just sitting on their lazy behinds , hiring their friends and thinking of ways to bring more destruction to the city of burien.

  4. I contacted the police and no report was made to report it as vandalism. They said that someone at Highline School District would have to report it.
    The chainsaw cut was done by a very large saw ..because it looked like one cut across the entire trunk.
    I left a message with the Highline Facilites Dept to get more information

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