Courtesy Normandy Park resident Michael Snyder:

Thunderstorm on Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018

Quite the storm last night (Tuesday, Nov. 27), knocking power out to over 10,000 people in the immediate area.

***If anyone has any lightning strike, water runoff, wind damage*** from Tuesday night I would love to come document it (please DM @guyinjeep16 ). I’m very curious as to where this lightning hit exactly in the picture shown. I made a crude image estimate of where it would have struck. There was also a low-topped supercell thunderstorm that moved over Vashon island, across the sound and just south of Marine View Park. I’m very curious if anyone got tree damage between Normandy Park and the Des Moines Pier area. It looked like it may have tried to touchdown as it transition from the Puget Sound and over the rise in terrain. I’ll include a couple pictures here and link a video of the storm from last night that I made:
You can also follow Michel on Twitter if you want to know the latest weather forecasts and what areas he is monitoring: And here’s a feed from Michael’s live weather station:
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