Highline Public Schools released a new animated promotional video, called “A Path to Success,” which you can view below: A Path to Success from Highline Public Schools on Vimeo. Editor Scott Schaefer’s two cents:

I’m a bit biased I suppose since I’ve worked as a Writer/Director/Producer for 27+ years, but…I think this video is pretty good up until the ending. I understand the role that “The Chef” and “Firefighter” icons play, but would like to also see other possible careers – perhaps suddenly flashing over and replacing those icons. Otherwise, it looks like Highline is saying “If you want to be a Chef or Firefighter, you should go to our schools.”

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One reply on “VIDEO: Highline Public Schools releases new video, 'A Path to Success'”

  1. I think this was a waste of tax payers money. There are so many professions students can choose from. The college was the first choice but no student should go to college without an idea of what profession they want to study. It’s too expensive today for that. At least they showed a couple of possible choices.

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