On Saturday night, Sept. 8, the area around Burien’s Dottie Harper Park was dotted with dozens of cars trying to park, all in an effort to attend the city’s magical, annual ‘Arts-A-Glow’ festival. The event seemed to leap-frog dramatically in growth for 2018, adding a second large area in the Burien Annex parking lot, with more food trucks (at least eight), more art, musicians, and much more room for kids of all ages to celebrate creativity and the wonderful spirit which makes B-Town oh-so-awesome. Smiles were everywhere as families and friends created lanterns, played light-up miniature golf, checked out art installations, ate, then marched – several in lit-up costumes – to great live music from the fantastic, all-female Filthy Femcorps band. Here’s video shot by Scott Schaefer of the procession, as the band enters the park, marches, plays, then leads the procession: [embed]https://youtu.be/379bRXQduys[/embed]

Hats off to Gina Kallman, Cultural Arts Supervisor of Burien Parks, along with the great team of volunteers who helped make this year’s Glow the biggest and best yet!

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