Thursday afternoon near SW 149th Street and 8th Ave SW – about a block west of the Burien Police station – a man was seen waving a knife.

A Sergeant saw the man, who cut himself and told police that he also had bombs.

A witness said the man was in an SUV, and after a standoff, police ordered him out and onto the ground.

The witness added that a sharp shooter was also brought in shortly before the encounter ended. The witness also told The B-Town Blog that a single shot was fired.

Police were able to peacefully apprehend the suspect, who was taken to a local hospital for mental evaluation.

Below is eyewitness video of the encounter:

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2 replies on “VIDEO: Man with knife in standoff with Burien Police Thursday afternoon”

  1. Would anyone want a possibly suicidal individual driving around and maybe thinking of taking you with him? After the running gun battle/vengeance crash on 1st Ave. this week the roads don’t need more mayhem.

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