On Thursday night, June 10, 2021, four teenaged boys were the victims of a frightening and dangerous carjacking and kidnapping by a male suspect wielding a knife in the Burien/Normandy Park area, according to a relative.

Four young men – aged 17 and 18 – were apparently driving in Burien’s Manhattan neighborhood near Normandy Park when a male suspect wielding a knife carjacked them.

A relative of one of the victims told The B-Town Blog that the suspect used the knife to force one victim in the passenger seat to switch spots with another.

Once that teen was in the backseat and on his side, the suspect allegedly held a knife to his throat.

He forced another victim to drive the car around, all while threatening to slash his friend’s throat.

As soon as the suspect got into the car and told the driver to start driving, one of the boys immediately got out of the car and ran, leaving the remaining three boys in the car.

Reports are that the suspect was either high on drugs or suffering mental issues, as he would randomly threaten his hostage victims, yell at cars, be belligerent, then suddenly apologize.

The suspect forced the teens to drive to a smoke shop in downtown Burien, then told them that they all needed to come inside with him as he “got supplies.”

Luckily, the remaining victims all managed to run away and escape from the dangerous suspect once the car was parked, and one of them found and flagged down a Burien Police officer’s car about a block away.

Police responded quickly and arrested the suspect, and a total of three knives were found on him. He was booked for Investigation of Kidnapping, Investigation of Robbery and Investigation of Felony Harassment.

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