EDITOR’S NOTE: South King Media Founder/Publisher Scott Schaefer serves on the Board of Directors for the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce.

The Seattle Southside Chamber launched its new Southside Mitigation and Recovery Taskforce (S.M.A.R.T.) ‘Keep Calm and Carry Out’ campaign, aimed at helping local businesses during the COVID0-19 pandemic.

This includes a Carry Out Directory for Normandy Park:

“Normandy Park loves its local food service providers!” Mayor Sue-Ann Hohimer said. “Among many other kind, selfless, and courageous acts, I’m proud of the way our esidents have come together to support our local eateries during this challenging time.”

Here’s a video from our friend #ShanzDev:

Here’s more about the Chamber’s new initiative:

With the creation of S.M.A.R.T., the Chamber is working to deliver initiatives and campaigns that help support and encourage a quick recovery to the local business community – in this instance, local restaurants and food vendors.

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The taskforce is focused on three main objectives:

    1. Advocacy – To ensure relief from local and federal funding sources reaches the pockets of the small business owners and communities that are in most need of support.
    2. Support – To share and provide resources, including the SMART Webinar Series, that help businesses and individuals.
    3. Marketing and Promotion – To create and support campaigns and efforts that support local business.

The Chamber has served the communities of Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park, SeaTac and Tukwila since 1988.

“We’ve faced many challenges before, but none quite like the human and economic impacts of COVID-19,” said Andrea H. Reay, President/CEO of Seattle Southside Chamber. “However, we know that we are truly stronger together. The more individuals, businesses, partners, and non-profits that are engaged, and investing at home, the more we can accomplish and the quicker our recovery will be.”

On Friday, April 10, 2020, the chamber announced its new Keep Calm and Carry Out campaign, which is the first of three S.M.A.R.T. marketing campaigns to support local businesses. This campaign encourages local residents to support local restaurants that are still open by taking advantage of many carry-out options offered in our five cities and beyond.

Here are what member cities have to say about their Carry Out Campaigns:

      • Burien: “Supporting our small businesses during this difficult time is more important than ever. Our ‘foodie paradise’ of diverse restaurants is still open for business and ready for your carry-out order!”
      • SeaTac: Mayor Erin Sitterley said: “Our small businesses are the backbone of our community. Even your small contributions can help sustain small businesses. If you are financially able, please support our food-related establishments.”
      • Des Moines: Tony Hetler, President of Destination Des Moines said: “As a business owner in Des Moines and President of Destination Des Moines, we strongly support all local businesses in Des Moines. In our current crisis we want to focus on the local small business community that is still allowed to operate with restrictions”
      • Tukwila: Mayor Allan Ekberg said: “The Coronavirus pandemic is impacting all businesses in Tukwila, both large and small. We are looking for ways to support our business community during this unprecedented time and hope that this campaign will help drive business to Tukwila restaurants offering carryout and delivery options.”

“The Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce will continue to serve and lead our region through these challenging times including the introduction of new programs to solve new challenges,” said Dan Mathews, Board Chair of the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce.  “We are grateful for the support from our members and partners in the communities we serve. Together we are making a difference.  Special Thanks to our frontline medical workers, first responders and their families and to all who are working to bring our community together and move the economy forward.”

For updates on S.M.A.R.T. Keep Calm and Carry Out campaign, stay tuned to the Keep Calm Carry Out webpage  and Facebook page.

The Seattle Southside Chamber has opportunities available for partnership to serve and support the community through S.M.A.R.T. For more information or questions, please contact Andrea Reay at Andrea@SeattleSouthsideChamber.com. Special thanks to our City partners and Discover Burien and Destination Des Moines. Together we are stronger. Together we are Seattle Southside Strong.

About the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce
The Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit business organization that has served the communities of Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park, SeaTac and Tukwila since 1988.  The Chamber focuses on business advancement in the region by helping to build and maintain a strong economic environment.

More info at https://www.seattlesouthsidechamber.com.

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