The Burien Film Festival and the Burien UFO Festival recently announced the winners of the 2023 BFF – BUFO Edition film contest.

Judges of this year’s fest were local filmmakers Kirk Nordenstrom and Gevin Booth.

  1. GRAND Prize:Echos,” Directed by David Over.
  2. 2nd Prize:4:21,” Directed by Torrin Tse.
  3. 3rd Prize: Weekend at Maury Island,” Directed by Bradley Wilkinson.

“We had a lovely screening on Aug. 10 at Forest Ledge,” organizer Shelli Park said. “It was a gathering of good people and creative minds, good food, drink and conversation.”

BUFO Organizers Shelli Park and John White congratulate David Over and Allan Fitzgerald for winning the $5,000 Grand Prize at the 2023 BUFO Film Festival at Forest Ledge on Aug. 10, 2023.

Below is the Grand Prize winning film, including a Q&A with the filmmaker:

Directed by David Over:

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Q&A with Director David Over

What inspired you to enter and make your film?

“Our Producer & DP Allan grew up watching shows like Sightings, The X-Files and The Outer Limits with his dad. While these shows fueled his nightmares for many years, he later developed a fascination for aliens and UFOs. Now as a filmmaker, Allan has wanted to make a film about extraterrestrials and when BFF announced this contest, we knew we had to enter.”

What is your film called and why?

“In our film, our main character listens to an old recording which causes chaos to form around him in the present day. Our film is called ‘Echos‘ and we chose that because it’s about how our actions echo into the future, often reaching far beyond what we could have originally imagined. And also it just sounded really mysterious.” 

What is your background?

“Our crew grew up in Kent making films together and have probably made 80 or so by now. We just love creating stories and sharing them with others to enjoy. Each of us has had various professional success, most currently with David and Allan working as Video Producers for Amazon and Costco, respectively.” 

Who else is on your team, including crew credits & actors?

“David Over, Allan Fitzgerald, Kyle Boroughs, Zach Ives, and Jade Goe.” 

Where did you shoot your entry?

“Des Moines, Auburn, and Buckley.”

What was your response to winning?

“Shock! It’s three days after the festival and we still call each other to make sure this isn’t some dream. We really enjoyed watching all of the films and there was so much talent in that room at the Forest Ledge. To be announced as the grand prize winner was humbling and we’re very grateful!”

Are you pursuing filmmaking? How so?

“We’ve been making films together since we were kids and have no plans to stop. We aim to be good stewards with the prize money and have plans to reinvest it into new equipment and funding future films. You can see what we’re working on new thru YouTube here:

“We are so grateful to Shelli and John for putting on the Burien Film Festival (and this contest) each year,” Over added. “A tremendous amount of work goes in it and they opened up their home to give local filmmakers a platform to share their work. We just want to say thank you!”

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  1. I really liked the vintage feel of this film. Details of the old files, the Military photos…the dust. I can totally see this made into a larger film.

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