Despite the strict requirements of working during the COVID-19 pandemic, construction progress is continuing at the Highline High School site, thanks to construction workers.

The new school is on track for opening in September, 2021.

Below is a timelapse video showing the new Highline High School going up, courtesy Highline Public Schools:


    • Structural steel work continues, with steel in place up to the roof level in several areas. Work on steel studs for the walls has begun.
    • “Topping off,” or completing the last piece of the structural steel skeleton, will take place this summer.
    • Footings and concrete slab work is 85% complete.
    • Elevated concrete slab work is in progress and 87% complete.
    • Structural steel work continues. Structural steel is in place to the roof level in several areas of building. Roof decking is now being installed.
    • Installation of concrete masonry unit (CMU) blocks for the auxiliary gym and the main gym is 100% complete.
    • CMU blocks installation for the physical education area is approximately 99% complete.
    • CMU blocks installation for the auditorium/theater is estimated to be 45% complete.
    • Installation of mechanical equipment for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is estimated to be 10% complete.
    • Electrical installation is estimated to be 10% complete.
    • Deep utility work is around 95% complete.
    • Storm water connection work on South 152nd Street is in progress.
    • Water District connection is complete.
    • Sewer connections, sidewalks and crosswalks are in progress and estimated to be 40% complete.
    • Metal roof deck (not standing metal seam finished roofing) and roof insulation work is estimated to be 40% complete.
    • Steel stud wall work has also started throughout the project and is estimated to be 20% complete.
    • Work is ongoing at the Sunnydale site to install site utilities in support of the new tennis court and restroom installation. Grading and storm drain work are at 95% complete.


As part of the new Highline High School replacement project, six new tennis courts are under construction in part of the field at the Sunnydale site.

Architects and district staff had to get creative about where to build tennis courts when designing the new high school within the tight constraints of the existing site.

Here’s the bonus to constructing tennis courts at the nearby Sunnydale location: We expect the new tennis courts to be completed this summer, and available for the 2020-21 tennis season. A small bathroom building is included in the project.

The existing big play toy at Sunnydale stays in place, as well as the ball field on the south side of the Sunnydale field. The tennis courts are on the north side of the Sunnydale field. The new courts are located adjacent to South 156th Street and across the street from the Moshier Park fields.

A new pedestrian crossing light was installed by the City of Burien at the South 156th Street exit from HHS and Moshier Field. After the new Highline High School opens in fall 2021, student athletes accessing the new tennis courts will use the crosswalk and signal light.

View of new HHS tennis court construction area on the north side of the field at the Sunnydale site.
View of the southeast corner of the new HHS looking across South 156th Street and Moshier Field. Photographed from the tennis court construction area at the Sunnydale site.

Photos/video courtesy Highline Public Schools


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