One of Burien’s newer businesses – 911 Supply, located at 136 SW 152nd Street (map below) – was the victim of an attempted break-in on Monday night, Jan. 16.

Ironically, this business caters to the uniform and equipment needs of first responders (including police) in the state of Washington.

The attempted break-in happened around 10:30 p.m. Monday night, and involved one male suspect and a large rock.

“The suspect made several earlier attempts to ‘smash and grab,’ but either chickened out or something spooked him,” Store Manager Matt Savage told The B-Town Blog. “Either way, he did not gain entry, fortunately.”

The crime was reported to Burien Police (case #C17002738), and if you recognize the suspect you are asked to please call the police non-emergency number at (206) 477-2200.

Matt provided these surveillance videos showing the suspect’s failed attempts:

Here’s an animated gif closeup showing the suspect’s two-handed, overhead throwing style:

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10 replies on “VIDEOS: Failed burglar caught on camera trying to break into 911 Supply store”

  1. Looks like one of supposed homeless guys hangs around city hall in and in the alley between 2nd and 4th SW between 152 and 153rd.!!!! And at 10:30 at night??? Where are the patrols??? Is there any merchant patrols any longer??? Can remember Bud Holter Patrolling the streets in the 60″s.

  2. Yes he is the homeless guy that sleeps between HV Nail Salon and Vincent’s Pizzeria. On that little patio.
    Is calling him homeless make me a racist? I don’t know anymore!

    1. The term homeless isn’t racist because you are only referring to their living situation. Calling him a lowlife, thievery living douchbag who sleeps and trespasses on private property and makes Burien more downtrodden is a more appropriate term.

        1. While I’m thinking about it, how about the owner of that building close off that opening that the D-Bag squats in. First I recommend a severe pressure washer blast with bleach. Why yes I have been by many times and it’s a bio hazard and easily fixed with an interior locked gate meeting fire code for egress from the building. Ta Da!

      1. Lisa and Matt… I’m pretty sure they know who he is and where he is, it’s the thing of just taking him in. They know the police hands are tied. It’s sad that Burien funds all the wrong organizations. We need more police. I’m willing to pay more for that.

  3. I had no idea we had a 911 stocking storefront anywhere nearby. I’ll be stopping in to support the local business.

  4. Welcome to the neighborhood! Keep your insurance payments current.. Those homeless folks aren’t hurting anyone are they really???

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