The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that the Walgreens Pharmacy located at SW 148th and Ambaum (map below) was robbed Monday night, April 10.

Police say they received a 9-1-1 call at about 10:30 p.m. and responded.

There were four suspects, and at least two of them had jumped the pharmacy counter and ordered an employee to open the safe.
One deputy was at a nearby intersection when the call came out, then pulled up just north of the front doors as the suspects started running out of the business. The deputy was able to detain one of the suspects as the others ran.

More deputies arrived, and a short time later another officer found a car parked behind the business with another suspect hiding inside.

Both were arrested and the search continued for the others using K-9 but they were not found.

Drugs stolen in the robbery were recovered.

It is unknown at this time if the suspects were armed.

No description was given of the two suspects who escaped.

“Sound like GREAT teamwork by all our deputies and a little luck for the one deputy being right at the intersection while the robbery was in progress!” Sgt. Cindi West told The B-Town Blog.

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28 replies on “Walgreens Pharmacy in Burien robbed Monday night; two suspects arrested”

  1. When exactly are the anti law enforcement Leftists on the Council “Tosta, Bell & Bezerkoitz” going to realize hugs instead of handcuffs does not work. We need more Police on the streets as the crime surge is getting quite alarming. Kudos to the cops for busting those dope stealing D-Bags

    1. So ok we are suppose to think these 4 most likely opioid drug addicts. Have something to do with the 3 council members you happen not to like. Typical QofA complain complain complain blame the council members you don’t like for all the issues.

      Obviously there were enough police to catch 2 of the suspects and k9 was out and unavailable to find the last 2 suspects. But sure QofA the one or two things these 3 council members vote against had something to do with this.

        1. See you blame these three council members but you place no blame on the parents of these kids and young adults doing these random crimes. The fact that the parents are not taking the right steps in keeping there kids from joining gangs in the first place. Teaching them right from wrong. That there better things than stealing or joining gangs.

    2. Hey QA-Tax $$ pay for putting uniforms on the street-when’s the last time you voted yes on any tax increase?

      1. Maybe its not so much a matter of increasing taxes to get more police on the street but instead getting Burien to quit spending tens of thousands of $$ on a logo for the city.

      2. Every single time for your information, and if Burien put it on the ballot I would vote yes without hesitation.

    3. What really boggles my brain is how you QofA and a few other people think. The city council can control the thoughts and actions of some non law abiding citzens.

      When look at the facts these are chain corporate stores so basically any product lost from this is a wright off. This why if the employees put up fight with the crimanls they get fired. The police thank God they happen to catch 2 suspects. But most likely these suspects will lawer up and blame addiction for there crime and be put in rehab and house arrest. Unless if a weapon was actually seen or used.

      What can the city council do in these cases my guess would be force these locations to have armed security officers like Fred Meyer has now a armed security officer. So if 4 suspects​ hop over the counter it’s freeze boom boom boom boom 4 dead suspects​. Problem solved

      1. The Council funds the Police by applicable vote and actions, therefore it starts with them.

  2. Just like many banks the pharmacies will soon be a wall of Plexiglas and a slot to prevent counter jumping.

  3. Directly across from the Starbucks… that is consistently full of police officers. Stupidity knows no bounds.

  4. Wonder if this is the same “crew” that has been hitting pharmacies from Seattle to Federal Way? Great job by Burien PD, I am sure the 2 they caught will lead them to the other 2.

  5. My wife and I were watching TV at about 1050 when a police suburban parked in the middle of the intersection by our house and patrolled the block with his rifle and flashlight. About 20 minutes later another officer joined him.

    Thank you to those officers who put their life in danger last night

  6. Meanwhile our repugnant city council is more concerned about making Burien a safe haven for more criminal otherwise known as illegal aliens and becoming a sanctuary for outlaws,

    1. Really? …. “illegal aliens” – they didn’t even specify what race they were … for all you know they were white. Don’t judge ahead of time, it could come back and bite you in the ass … that’s all I’m saying.

  7. I would be interested in follow-ups on what exactly happens to the two that were apprehended. What will being caught actually cost them? Usually it is not much and they are soon back to business as usual on the street.

    I am very grateful to our Burien police. It’s just frustrating to see what actually happens in the courts these days. No one makes these types of crimes a true offence against civil society. In my book the criminals need to be made accountable for something. Maybe rather than time, they should have to come up with money towards more police and equipment. If they don’t pay-up, than put them on clean up duty of our parks and public streets. If they can’t get their butts in order, than lock them up.

  8. Great work our police officers. I appreciate every single day for your service to safeguard our communities from bad apples. Thank you a million times.

  9. Well if they werw robbing the pharmacy to get their fix now they’re really going to feel withdrawls as they sit behind those bars. Not very smart.The pill and herion addiction is so bad right now. These people need treatment and a recovery center not jail. I am clean 3 years from pills and trust me you won’t get clean unless you hit rock bottom amd have had enough…hopefully this was their wake up call. Sad truth is since there are not the right resources behind bars so most likely they will get out and use again. Good job to the officers that got at least 2 of them i doubt they will give up their friends though so good luck finding the other 2.

  10. Sad this gets no press. Its happening at retail pharmacies all over the south sound. I’ve been robbed twice in the last year. What they’re taking isn’t worth much money. It would cost companies more to protect their staff.

  11. confronting violent and dangerous people all day every day takes incredible courage and bravery, yet they ask for no recognition. you never hear about them until you need them to save you. God bless.

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