From our friends at WABI Burien:

It’s walking time again. Let’s begin the month of September and enjoy the long, holiday weekend by heading north from Burien Town Square into and around Chelsea Park.

Other times we’ve found these scenic gems in the neighborhood: Dottie Harper Park, Burien Community Garden, white-painted tree trunks, Bird-House House, Stormwater Park, Green House, Purple House. What new things will we spot this time around?

WHEN: Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019: 2 p.m. meet-up. Walking starts at 2:15 p.m.

WHO: Walkers of every level and ability, plus four-legged friends

WHERE: Meet on the grassy knoll at Burien Town Square (480 SW 152nd Street Burien, WA. at the corner of SW 152nd & 5th Place SW).

DISTANCE: About 2.5 miles, round trip. Mostly flat.

Please print out a copy of the map below if you’d like one as we’re walking.

Intentions for Burien’s Walk-n-Talk:

  • “Encourage active living to support physical and mental health.” (Part of Burien’s new “Vision”.)
  • Initiate conversation between friends and neighbors, new and old.
  • Nurture the idea of our Town Square as the “living room” of Burien, our center and gathering place.
  • Create our own little “volksmarch“, in the European tradition.
  • Support our local cafés and restaurants on Sunday afternoons.

The Walk-n-Talks are enjoyed by folks from different communities coming together for conversation… a chance to talk to people one wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to chat with and get some exercise and fresh air at the same time. Walkers span the ages, including tiny folks (Burien’s Walkers of the Future), and four-legged friends. Many have become “regulars” enjoying the Walk-n-Talk each month.

“Getting out on two feet (or two wheels) is a chance to entertain your “Inner Explorer”, to discover visual and architectural details you might not otherwise see. One of the bonuses is the varied route. I don’t know about you, but when I’m in my car, I generally drive the same route every time. Bo-ring! When I’m walking or riding my bike, my curious nature is heightened and I travel roads I’ve never seen before (even though I grew up here in Burien).”

– Maureen, WABI Burien President

For further information, please contact Maureen Hoffmann, WABI Burien President, at