As a recognized news organization, we here at The B-Town Blog get emails and press releases from all over the place, including a daily one called “What happened at the council?” (link here) from the King County Council.

Here’s an actual sentence that was included in Tuesday’s (Sept. 8th) update:

“Approved an ordinance implementing the District Court Redistricting Committee’s amendment to the districting plan implementing provisions to increase the number of judges in the District Court. (Ordinance 2009-0453)”

We’ve never been one to particularly enjoy politicspeak, and this here sentence will now go down as Exhibit A in our prosecution of the abuse of technical, wonky jargon usage.

Your witness.

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One reply on ““What Happened At The Council” Today = HUH? Can Anyone Decipher This Sentence?”

  1. I would say if you cut out many of the words you will understand “approved” “the ” “committee’s” “plan” “to” “increase the number of judges”

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