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Dear B-Town Blog readers,

Like many Burienites, I’ve been following the city council elections. I love local election season. I’m inspired by the passion and commitment candidates show and it’s fascinating to hear what various people envision for the future of our community. I attend every candidate forum I can, and this year I’ve been disappointed by the candidates’ participation level. When the Burien Youth Council held a candidate forum before the primary election, Joel Manning, Debi Wagner, and Lucy Krakowiak (all of whom went on to the general election) declined to participate. This is unfortunate as it was an extremely well-run forum and excellent learning opportunity (as addressed in my previous letter to The B-town Blog).

Lucy Krakowiak was also absent from the forum put on by Rotary on October 10. While she may have had a good reason not to attend these two forums, that reason was never communicated to voters, as far as I can tell. I looked up Lucy’s campaign website, electlucy.com, to see if she had posted an explanation there. I was surprised to find that her website announces her 2015 campaign and hasn’t been updated in four years. I also find it surprising that while in 2017, Lucy sent out a $5,000 mailer on behalf of the “Burien Proud Burien First” candidates, this year she doesn’t seem to be doing any campaigning on her own behalf.

Of course I don’t know what Lucy’s motivation, or lack thereof, in this campaign is. But her relative absence suggests that she takes our votes for granted and believes she can coast to reelection and remain in her council seat as she has for the last 16 years. While Lucy does bring experience and knowledge of parliamentary procedure to the council, these are things any new councilmembers will learn. The ability to connect with the community in a meaningful way can’t be learned so easily.

We all know Burien is growing, and we’re receiving all kinds of regional attention for our restaurants and arts. It’s an exciting time to live here, and I want to see a council that shares in that excitement. I don’t see that in Lucy Krakowiak. Based on the one candidate forum she’s attended this season, I feel that she is pessimistic and overly committed to Burien’s past, rather than its future. There is a stark contrast between her and her opponent, who has been campaigning his heart out for months, exuding optimism and enthusiasm at every turn. In addition to the practical asset of a degree in economics, Kevin Schilling applies energy, excitement, and empathy to everything he does. I’m looking forward to voting for candidates who are ready to keep Burien moving forward.

Margret Alley
Burien Resident

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