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I’m writing to congratulate the Burien Youth Council on a job very well done at Monday evening’s Candidate Forum. The event was well organized and the council was prepared with a Spanish interpreter. The questions asked were interesting and balanced, and the moderators treated all of the candidates fairly, including the three who were unable to attend. The Youth Council Members were professional from beginning to end and I look forward to seeing what they do next.

At the beginning and end of the forum, one of the members disclosed that there had been “tension” around the event, and addressed rumors that they have an ulterior motive or are being coached by community leaders or that this forum was designed to benefit particular candidates. I find it sad that anyone can be so cynical and have such little faith in the young people in our community. I hope those people will take the opportunity to get out and engage with the Youth Council next time they have an opportunity to do so, and see what a great group of emerging leaders they are.

Teenagers and young adults will be impacted by the decisions we make at the ballot box, and we owe it to them to listen to what they have to say. They have wisdom and insight to share, and I’m grateful to live in a community where my son will have such solid role models as he grows up.

Fantastic work, Youth Council. Keep it up.

Thank you,
Margret Alley
Burien Resident and Voter

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