UPDATE July 30, 2019: On Monday afternoon, July 29, a suspect being pursued by Normandy Park Police crashed a carjacked vehicle in the 15800 block of 1st Ave South in Burien, resulting in a major police response and standoff.

Normandy Park Police said that it all started around 3:44 p.m. Monday, when two Normandy Park Police Officers attempted to contact an individual related to a felony harassment:

  • The suspect ran on foot.
  • When Officers caught up to him, he fired on Officers, who returned fire.
  • The suspect then proceeded to run across 1st Ave South, where he carjacked a car.
  • He high centered the vehicle and after a standoff in Burien, eventually surrendered.

“Thankfully neither Officer was hurt.”

This incident occurred over two jurisdictions (Normandy Park & Burien), and involved a large amount of police from the area, including the King County Sheriff’s Office.


We received numerous reports of people hearing between 10-20 shots fired Monday afternoon, some wondering if they should shelter in place.

Police say that Normandy Park Police confronted a suspect in an investigation, and the suspect fired on officers. The Officer returned fire, and the suspect ran and carjacked a vehicle, then drove north and crashed it in the 15800 block of 1st Ave South.

He apparently then barricaded himself inside the car, and reports are that this was a nearly hour-long standoff with police, which led to evacuations at nearby businesses.

Metro Transit re-routed Routes 121 & 166 in Burien “due to police activity on 1st Av S near S 160th St.”

“Please stay out of the area,” police said initially.

Roads were blocked off and police and media choppers could be seen and heard overhead, some over Seahurst Park and Three Tree Point, most likely due to airport restrictions.

At 4:39 p.m., police tweeted that the suspect had been taken into custody.

The area near 160th/1st Ave South was closed off for several hours while KCSO conducted the investigation.

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