REMINDER: The Burien Youth Council will be hosting a Candidate Forum TONIGHT – Monday, July 29, starting at 5 p.m. – where they will ask questions of City Council candidates that will focus on youth issues.

“Burien Youth Council focuses on civically engaging youth and giving the community a voice through addressing issues within Burien and taking action while not only achieving goals but more specifically through supporting and accepting one’s passions,” organizers told The B-Town Blog. “To not only make the world a better place, but the community as well.”

This free, open event will be held on Monday, July 29 at the Navos Mental Health and Wellness Center, where candidates will be expected to show up at 5 p.m. and stay until 7 p.m.:

  • This event will be solely youth-driven; hosted to encourage young people to voice their concerns and enlighten our youth about local politics; serving the broader goal of political education.
  • Subjects that will be expressed will include: immigration, the mental-health epidemic, homelessness, safety, community outreach and engagement, policing, and some personal light-hearted content.
  • There will be pre-written questions from the Burien Youth Council that fall under the umbrella of each of these topics.
  • Additionally, organizers will have a box where community members will be able to submit questions before the event. We will make sure to examine each question and ensure it is appropriate and pertinent, and as time permits ask as many as possible.

Every candidate that has registered to run has been contacted, which supports the idea of inclusion and equality.

Everyone has the right to voice their concerns and opinions respectfully – this will be expected from each candidate that chooses to attend.

They will have youth moderators and youth translators also.

“We want this event to be as transparent as possible, be a place where political education can permeate, and one in which youth, especially those who are approaching voting age, are able to recognize their power in deciding their own futures,” they added.

Navos Mental Health and Wellness Center is located at 1210 SW 136th Street:

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