Highline Public Schools this week announced that the idea of giving/selling historic old bricks from 95-year old Highline High School – currently being demolished and scheduled to reopen in August, 2021 – is not feasible due to toxins.

“We would have loved to recycle the bricks and provide a memento for alumni,” the district said in a statement. “Our environmental consultant, however, advised us not to give away bricks. We are required to dispose of all masonry waste at a properly permitted acceptance facility because of the presence of heavy metals.”

Testing on the bricks revealed heavy metals in the mortar, which was originally used by masons to make it last longer.

“Our environmental consultant advised that trained personnel would need to remove the mortar from each brick prior to giving them away, which would be difficult, time consuming and very expensive,” the district added.

However, there may be other mementos available from the old buildings, like pieces of the old gym bleachers – more information coming soon.

Another possible option of purchasing an inscribed courtyard ‘Pirate Pride Paver’ to be installed in the south courtyard of the new school – this option is under consideration by a couple of organizations.

You may indicate interest on this online form, and organizers will contact you when there is information to share.

NOTE: This is a potential project that is not yet confirmed. The landscape architect created a design option for a special area of the new south courtyard where up to 1,000 inscribed pavers could be installed in 2021.

“If there is enough interest, we will let you know if, and when, you can purchase pavers.”

More info on Highline High School’s progress is here.

Photos courtesy Highline Public Schools

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