As a voter, I believe candidates should show they are dedicated to serving the communities they are looking to hold leadership roles in. We need leaders who have a track record that aligns with the values they claim to believe in, who have demonstrated what their priorities are, and who can be counted on to get things done. I am proud to say that, as a candidate, I have done just that.

I have been actively involved in our community, focusing my efforts on bettering the City of Burien. My time spent working with people from all walks of life, from all across our city, has offered me different perspectives on what needs are going unmet here, what goals our residents have for the future, which policies are working, and which need improvement. At the Severe Weather Shelter, I spoke with many people struggling with homelessness in our city about what types of barriers they face to getting off the streets. Participating in our community discussions on tenants rights and housing, I was able to hear from people about the biggest concerns they have regarding housing accessibility, how rental policies have directly impacted them, and learn what local landlords think about various proposals. Serving on the Board of the Burien Arts Association has given me a first-hand look at how partnerships between nonprofits and the city operate, and how these collaborations enrich the lives of our residents.

These are just a few instances where engaging with our community has helped prepare me for holding office here. Below is a video that offers a bit more background on some of my time spent serving our city so far:

I’m honored to have the support of our city behind me. My campaign has been 100% volunteer-based, relying entirely on the efforts of people in our community who want to see change – whether it’s having livable wages, more affordable housing, better support for our most vulnerable, shelter for the homeless, a cleaner city, improved public safety, or all of the above. I could sit here all day and tell you why I think you should vote for me. But this election isn’t about what I think – it’s about what the people in our community think, and what they want. So I’ll let them speak for themselves:

This election, I am asking for you to choose the candidate with support from our community ranging from small business owners to blue collar workers, property owners to renters, stay-at-home parents to students. Vote for someone with a proven record of dedication to our city – the candidate you know you can count on. Please vote Cydney Moore for Burien City Council Position 2. Thank you for your time and consideration, and don’t forget – ballots must be turned in by Tuesday, November 5th!

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EDITOR’S NOTE: For a while, Cydney Moore worked as a paid freelance Writer for The B-Town Blog, mostly focusing on animal adoptions with her recurring ‘Pet Profiles’ column for Burien CARES. However, once she announced her candidacy for City Council, she stopped doing any work for us.

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