The YMaidcleaner Story

Would you like to spend more time with your loved-ones or enjoying your hobbies? However, you just can’t seem to find the time? In today’s busy world, you have enough to do without being bogged down with housekeeping. YMaidcleaner is here to remove the burden of housekeeping from your shoulders so you can enjoy more free time to do the things you want and love to do. From one end of your home to the other, YMaidcleaner has the expertise, experience, and tools to make your home sparkling clean.

YMaidcleaner has been a local house cleaning service in the Seattle area for 20 years. The current owner Yolimar Perez purchased the business 7 years ago and has kept the high-quality service intact and in fact has improved the quality of the housekeeping service and value. YMaidcleaner is a full-service housekeeping provider. We do residential, Move in/move out, Quick cleaning, Green cleaning, and Specialty cleaning based on what the client needs and wants.

Client Mike has used the service for 20 years and he says that “the service has been spectacular and is a great value. I’m always pleased to come home to a home that shines.”

Yolimar, the principal owner, will sit down with each new client and establish a fair rate based on the size of the home and scope of the work. Usually the first cleaning is at a discounted rate. She will then sit back down after a few cleanings to talk to the new client to improve the service and address any client concerns. Periodically, she will do the same as time goes by.

Client Barbara, who has used the service for years, says “Yolimar and her crew are some of the nicest and most honest people she has ever known.”

You will not find a better housekeeping service in the Seattle area. Give us a try and you will be pleased, guaranteed!


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