Two armed male suspects were arrested in Burien on Friday night, April 12, 2024 following a carjacking that started in the White Center area and a chase that involved both ground units and the King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) Guardian One helicopter.

Shortly after 7:40 p.m., Seattle Police received a report of a carjacking in the 9200 block of 35th Ave SW in White Center. The victim reported their white Audi SUV was stolen at gunpoint by two suspects who arrived in a dark-colored Hyundai.

Officers pursued the suspects as KCSO’s Guardian One helicopter assisted, tracking both vehicles as they traveled through South Seattle before ending in Burien’s Shorewood/Salmon Creek neighborhood.

At 7:57 p.m., KCSO Deputies responded to the 1500 block of SW 112th Street (map below) to assist Seattle PD with checking on a possible stolen vehicle.

At about 10 p.m., Seattle PD took a suspect into custody.

Police apprehended two juvenile males, who were later booked into the Judge Patricia H. Clark Children and Family Justice Center.

Both the stolen Audi and the Hyundai used by the suspects were recovered.

A gun was also seized by police.

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  1. Time to get tougher on crime, anyone of our friends or family could have been injured or killed because of this nonsense… Throw the book at these knuckleheads, commit and adult crime & get charged with one IMO.

  2. Let’s not forget that Dow wants to close the Youth Justice Center, where youth like this belong. In addition, Dow appointmented the Sheriff to promote his vision of hugs not handcuffs and she influences subordinates like Chief Boe.

  3. Guardian One was a major player in this drama. It all happened in my Shorewood/Salmon Creek cul-de-sac neighborhood for 2 hours. It was pretty intense with the deputies announcing, more than once, to stay inside to avoid being bitten by the search dogs. By 10:15 pm, all was quiet and the suspect was apprehended.

  4. I wonder if we could make a law that if your kid breaks the law to this point . That when they are released from prison or jail they have to move that child to a rural place away from friends “homies” or other criminal minded people . Maybe a law if the suspect has a record of fails to appear or has ran from police the police don’t have to be nice to the suspect as in no trip to hospital for a dog bite also take a shoot first ask question later approach to dealing with these car jacking suspects .

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