The historic Sequoia tree – which may have been over 100 years old – located in the former King Buffet lot at 137 SW 160th was cut down Monday, April 28. Here are before and after pics (click images to see larger versions): MONDAY, APRIL 28: SequoiaCut042814-1 FRIDAY, APRIL 25: Historic Sequoia tree cut down 1 As we previously reported, the lots on SW 160th that formerly housed Herr Lumber and King Buffet are being razed to build a new, 16,882 square foot CVS Pharmacy. “I recall being told the tree was planted in the late 1800’s or very early 1900’s,” Highline Historical Society Executive Director Cyndi Upthegrove told The B-Town Blog. “I don’t know that it is one of the largest, or oldest, but it does have a history that can be appreciated. Sequoias are not really common here and this one reflects early years of good care, though not recent good care. They live for a long time. It’s too bad they cannot put a parking lot around it, rather than remove it.” “The owner has satisfactorily addressed Burien’s significant tree retention policies which require the retention of at least 5% of the significant trees currently located on commercially zoned project sites,” Community Development Director Chip Davis told The B-Town Blog. “All of the remaining significant trees are located on the southern portion of the site and will not be affected by construction of the pharmacy. As mitigation for the removal of the Sequoia, the owner will be planting a replacement Sequoia on the western property line and landscaping plans call for the planting of more than 60 Douglas fir, Maple, Crape Myrtle, Linden and Flower Pear trees in the new building and parking areas.” This site once housed Herr Lumber, and had previously served as a sawmill for many years prior to the family’s opening of the yard in the 1970’s. HELP US ‘CROWDCOUNT’ IT! We’re seeking some “Crowdcounting” help to determine the age of this tree – here’s a link to a very large, high-res pic showing the cut tree – please click on it (or download) and see how many rings you can count (please email your count # to [email protected]!)