Monday morning (Nov. 17), several local business people, members of the Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce, along with two city council members, employees and others gathered to cut a ribbon at the main entrance of the brand new CVS Pharmacy on SW 160th and 1st Ave South:

The new store is located at 117 SW 160th.
It is 16,882 square feet, cost over $2 million, and appears to have had its soft opening over the weekend.
This location previously housed Herr Lumber and the King Buffet restaurant, and even served as a sawmill for many years. It remained a working lumber yard until into the 1990’s, then became a nursery in 2002 before closing in June, 2012. The site also hosted several antique shops.
There was also some controversy over the cutting of what many considered to be a “significant” 75-100 year old Sequoia tree in an area near where a drive-through pharmacy now sits – read our extensive previous coverage here.

Standing tall on the left is the ‘significant’ 100+-year old Sequoia tree that was cut down to build CVS.

Telephoto view of the cut-down historic tree shows its massive diameter.

Here’s a flashback pic of what this location used to look like:

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11 replies on “B-TOWN BIZ: With the cut of a ribbon, the brand new CVS Pharmacy is open”

  1. Was anybody outside picketing on behalf of the giant tree that was cut down? Many people had commented that they would never frequent CVS because of that crime, let alone just how many stores just like them already exist in the City limits and now that eyesore shows up.

    1. Where were you when they cut down all the trees at the end of south 162nd street? A whole green belt to build 15 new homes….

      1. Let me try this again – my first attempt was lost in cyber space while out in the boonies.
        Dear Jennifer,
        For your information I watched that entire forest be cut down from the comfort of my own home so I am quite familiar with what happened over there. I am just as upset as anyone in that area and have already looked online at the proposed house models and with the price they have in mind I do not believe anything will be built soon. At least it is not another mega plex of apartments which would add no value to the area.
        Back to the topic at hand – I was only commenting about how many people planned on boycotting CVS because of that tree issue and the fact that eyesore is just a duplicate of everything we already have in Burien. P.S. I love Bartell’s!

  2. No CVS Pharmacy for me…. I will continue to shop at our locally owned Bartell Drugs and I hope you will too. Every employee welcomes you with open arms and it is always delightful experience to shop there. Bartell Drugs is the oldest family owned drugstore chain in the nation. George D. Bartell, grandson of the founder, serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Jean (Bartell) Barber, the founder’s granddaughter, is the Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the company. Together, the Bartell Family and employee associates have built an extremely successful company, one that strives to satisfy its customers by offering them personalized service and by providing its associates a stable and rewarding work environment.

    1. I agree, Linda. BARTELL’S! Yes! CVS? What a mess! (Count me as another Burien citizen who was not amused about the destruction of that landmark tree.)

  3. I wonder how many people saying they are going to boycott that CVS store will end inside of that conglomerate at one time or another.
    I know I wont but not because of a boycott, just because I would never have any reason to.

  4. I’m happy there is development there, the old place was a dump. However this is not good development. Out of state company, used out of state contractors, put up cookie cutter store, could have easily saved that great big tree with a little bit of thought, could have used a more palatable exterior (like bartells) and they chose not to. I don’t plan on going there because I don’t see how it supports the community other than tax revenue and the tex revenue is exactly the same if I spend the same money at bartells.
    Bartells and Ace both do a great job serving us locally and are just a few blocks away. Pay them back for their service and investment in our community with your shopping dollars. Easy decision for me.

    1. The outside walls are all lumpy, and the white paint just makes it even more of a mess of a building and hard on the eyes. Quality construction “not!”

  5. For those that thought cvs was a low price pharmacy …think again. The prices are outrageous. for the whole store…I hope that we as burienites would not shop therel. I know they are hoping to get all the highline hospital business…but wait till the burien faithful get a load of that place..Im not quite sure about the pharmacy its self tho. I know that the pharmacist nearly jumped out of her cubicle when she thought I was a customer. I know that they don’t have much pharmacy business. Probably because of the prices..Not a good store. Im boycotting cvs. I think we all should. Judging by the cars in the lot, we are.

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