The Blue Angels have been taking off this week – just a stone’s throw from Burien – at Boeing Field, and resident Elston Hill and his wife Jackline went out Thursday morning (July 30) and took these great photos of their practice flight (click images to see larger versions/slideshow): aBlueAngels_0002 aBlueAngels_0001 aBlueAngels_0016 aBlueAngels_0013 aBlueAngels_0012 aBlueAngels_0011 aBlueAngels_0010 aBlueAngels_0009-2 aBlueAngels_0009 aBlueAngels_0008 aBlueAngels_0007 aBlueAngels_0006 aBlueAngels_0014 aBlueAngels_0017 aBlueAngels_0018 aBlueAngels_0019 aBlueAngels_0411 The Museum of Flight will be hold a ‘Jet Blast Bash’ – an all-day outdoor family festival right on the Blue Angels’ flight line – this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; more info here: