Larry Snyder will talk storytelling at Film Office Happy Hour May 2, which will include a Food Bank fundraiser 1

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Where do stories come from? How do we know anyone will care? How can I tell my stories in the most meaningful way?
Although these are challenging questions for any of us to answer, they are the heart of what our human experience is made of. When books are written and movies are made, we’re drawn to them because we see a bit of our own journey in the storyline.
Larry Snyder found his love of story by listening to his grandfather Chuck Snyder and father Larry Snyder Sr. – both of whom operated a furniture store in Burien for three decades.
On Tuesday, May 2, the younger Larry will share his expertise into how to tap into your story source and gain confidence in your ability to authentically source, produce, and tell your life stories at the Burien Film Office Happy Hour.

This FREE, open, all-ages event will run from 5:30 – 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 2 at the Tin Theater in Burien, with Larry’s presentation starting at 6 p.m.

In addition to Larry’s presentation, this event will also serve as a fundraiser for the Highline Area Food Bank. Guests are encouraged to bring at least two non-perishable food items to donate into a barrel in the Tin Theater bar area.
Also, Larry will be helping the Food Bank by donating 50% of all sales of his new book “Ten Years in Tuscany” (Iron Twine Press 2016), which recounts a decade of lessons including love, venerability, and passion in the tiny village of Montanare, Tuscany.
Here are some testimonials about Larry’s book, which sells for $25.00:

“Charming, witty and fun. You will want to grab an espresso or a glass of red wine and get lost in the world of Tuscany and the people of Montanare. More than just your average book about travel, Miracles in Montanare, weaves a tale of travel, building community and making this world a better place.”

~ Melody E.

“I highly recommend reading Larry Snyder’s book, ‘Miracles in Montanare: Ten Years in Tuscany.’ It tells the wonderful tale of an American family’s assimilation into life in Tuscany, Italy. But more than just sharing how the author and his wife, Jill, adjust to living there, Larry beautifully captures the essence of their spiritual connection to the land and its people. His observations of cultural differences and realizations of Italy’s heart and spirit which resonate with his own bursts from its pages. Backed by a theme of life being about taking chances, sharing, and opening to new experiences, this book is textured throughout with love, friendship, and food as a catalyst to enjoying both. This is as much a story of bonded friendship between diverse cultures as it is a travel one. Get a copy! Then settle down into it. Adjust your clock to a different pace of life. Sink into the imagined smell of fresh baked bread, fennel, and garlic, feel the hot warmth of a Tuscan summer day, smile at the glow of close friends, and savor a wonderful view of the simplicity of life and generosity of spirit in Tuscany. I know I did.”

~ Catherine L.

Miracles in Montanare transports me to Italia… When I’ve needed some rest, a bit of vacation and wise words, I dive into a new chapter of Ten Years in Tuscany. Larry has done a marvelous job of bringing the scenes and characters alive for all of us to experience. He gives us a taste of this world, this village and the love that his family shares with the familia there. I can’t wait to finally visit Italy and I am sure I will be much more prepared having read this book. Larry’s open heart for others has carried him so very far and I know that it will carry him further still. Grazie, Larry, for sharing your experience! I am eternally grateful for your friendship.”

~ Alyssa G.

The Tin Theater is located at 923 SW 152nd Street in Olde Burien: