With a little help from the Sounders FC and volunteers, on Wednesday (April 19), Sylvester Middle School students got to see their new rain garden in action. The City of Burien, Washington Green Schools, and ECOSS formed a partnership in the summer of 2016 to help youth in Burien learn more about stormwater pollution. The organizations partnered with a Sylvester Middle School 8th grade science teacher to coordinate a stormwater curriculum unit for her students. The students created their own stormwater solution on campus as their final project. On Wednesday, the project became a reality when they installed a rain garden and cistern outside their classroom in a Day of Service to celebrate Earth Week. Students were joined by staff from ECOSS, Washington Green Schools, as well as volunteers from Sounders FC and Starbucks to help them install a rain garden and cistern. The rain garden will provide important environmental benefits as well as a place of beauty for the school and community to enjoy. Click images to see larger versions/slideshow:

Photos courtesy City of Burien


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2 replies on “With a little help, Sylvester Middle School students build new rain garden”

  1. My son paritcipated in this! He said it was an awesome experience. Big shout out to his science teacher, Ms Phelan, for bringing this opportunity to her students!

  2. You kids at Sylvester rock!! What a cool thing for you all to do! Bet you could get summer work helping others make rain gardens! There are so many places in Burien that could benefit from having one. Would love to see a follow-up story on how the rain garden looks through out the year.

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