IMG_20150209_133814 Sylvester Middle School students Logan Lemieux, Jeremiah Harding, Brian Phuong, Mira Stemen and Joanne Robson​ are trying to raise money to plant trees, and they’re looking for people to donate to their cause. “​A tree can convert enough carbon dioxide to oxygen in a year than a car produces driving 26,000 miles,” Logan said. “So if we reach our goal of 20 trees planted, assuming that each tree lives 250 years, we will cover up the carbon footprint of a car driving 130 million miles. That is enough to circumnavigate the globe​ 5520 times.” Logan adds that all donations will go to the project, and for each $10 donated, “we will be able to plant one tree. That means that if we get only $200 dollars, we will be able to make our goal of 20 trees.” “We are currently working with the city on where to plant the trees, but the most likely location is in city parks,” Logan said. “We came up with the idea while we were brainstorming for our Classroom Based Assessment, or CBA. Our grade depends a large amount on this project, and if you would like to support us, that would be greatly appreciated.” To donate, please send a check to:

Logan Lemieux 627 SW 152nd Burien WA 98166
You can also donate to his Mom’s PayPal account to the email address: [email protected].]]>

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    1. Matt, I just wrote the check for $200, will you match me please? Mailing it first thing tomorrow 🙂

  1. I know each one of these kids (my son is in class with them) – awesome kids and your donation will be put to good use!

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