Students at Sylvester Middle School in Burien are trying to raise $10,500 to purchase new laptops for the school, and they’ve created a GoFundMe page:

“This project is our final end of year project that we are doing for the highly capable program at the Highline School District,” said Steven Aziz, one of the organizers. “We have set up a gofundme site to accept donations, but very few people know so we haven’t received many donations which is why we need your help to spread the word for our cause.” Here’s more info sent to us:
Hello, we are two students from Sylvester Middle School. We are trying to raise $10,500 for a computer cart in our school. This is our Final End-Of-Year project for the Highly Capable program at Sylvester Middle School in the Highline School District. We are trying to update and add to our school technology. You can help us by donating at 93% of the money that you donate will be used for the cause, the rest will be taken by GoFundMe. Any money that you donate will be handled by our adviser for this project, us, and our parents. You can also visit our project’s Facebook page at We would really appreciate your donations. Any donations made will be used to purchase 30 Toshiba Satellite CL15-B1300 Laptops, and 1 YES Cart for Mini-Laptops. If we are unsuccessful, then we will still use the donated money to purchase laptops for our school; we need a minimum of $250 to do this. If you want to help us without donating then please consider spreading the word for us as much as you can, as this will help us greatly. Any efforts at all made to help our cause are greatly appreciated (if we don’t know about what you did to help). Research and studies have shown that over 70% of students in a classroom with computers feel more motivated, get better grades, feel more engaged, and are reaching higher achievements. This means that computers are better than paper when it comes to the classroom. Technology makes students excited to learn which is why it’s really important to add more technology to a school at every opportunity. Again, we enormously appreciate your efforts and look forward to hearing from you!
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  1. “It will be a great day when schools, libraries and parks have all the money they need and the Department of Defense has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber”

  2. What a sad story… trying to teach parents how it should work. Maybe they should open their own MMJ Store using the profits to benefit the kids. Of course not at the school…How about the New Grant Property?

  3. Let’s take a look at this, Superintendent Susan Enfield has Created one Administrative position after another for her friends at the Central Office, adds some made up Phony job title in back of it then pays them a hundred thousand dollars or more.
    Would that money be better spent on our kids our schools our classrooms.

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