The Burien Police Department shared this great story on their Facebook page: Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 10.17.24 AM

Last week one of our officers responded to check the welfare of a 9-year old girl. Child Protective Services was also involved and it is always our goal to make sure children are safe and well cared for. In this case, the officer learned the 9-year old doesn’t have her own bed and sleeps on the floor. While this is not illegal, it didn’t sit well with our officer. So wanting to do the right thing, he paid a visit to Aaron’s Furniture in Burien and proceeded to buy a bed for this 9-year old girl. However, once the store heard why he was doing this, Scott the manager refused to accept the officer’s money. Instead, Aaron’s donated the bed and delivered it to the home! A big thanks to our officer Aaron’s Furniture for helping this 9 year old experience her first “bedtime.”
(FYI the officer wishes to remain anonymous and that’s why his name was not used…)]]>

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4 replies on “Burien Police Officer, local furniture store give 9-year old needy girl new bed”

  1. Nothing but wonderful in this story from start to finish. Thank you to the officer and thank you to Scott and Aaron’s.

  2. What a lovely story. And I’m not a bit surprised–police are people too.
    Hugs to all who made this happen for that child.

  3. “(FYI the officer wishes to remain anonymous and that’s why his name was not used…)”
    Too bad Aarons didnt feel compelled to do the same.

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