On Friday, Jan. 20, a student was caught with a gun in his possession at Sylvester Middle School in Burien.

According to an email sent by school Principal Kyle Linman, the student with the gun was reported by classmates, and security and police responded.

The gun was confiscated and the student was expelled per Highline Public School policy as well as state regulations.

“Thankfully, no one was hurt,” Linman said in an email. “Please remind your children of the seriousness of bringing any weapon to school.”

Here’s the email sent to parents from Linman:

January 20, 2017

Dear Sylvester Families:

There was a situation at school today that I want to share with you.

Several students reported that a fellow student had a gun in his possession at school. Security and police responded and the gun was confiscated. The student involved was expelled per Highline’s board policy as well as state regulations.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Please remind your children of the seriousness of bringing any weapon to school.

We wan students to feel safe and be safe at school. Please take the time to discus with your child the importance of immediately telling an adult any time they see a weapon at school. Assure your child that reporting a weapon is the right thing to do and protects everyone at school from harm.

Thank you for reviewing this important school rule and our safety procedures with your children.

Please call me at 206.631.6000 if you have questions or concerns.

Kyle Linman

Sylvester Middle School is located at 16222 Sylvester Rd SW:

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5 replies on “Student with gun caught, expelled from Sylvester Middle School Friday”

  1. What happens to the student now? Will they be able to enroll in a neighboring district? I am guessing that we have no idea when students come to highline after being expelled from another district.

    1. Very good and important question. There needs to be more to the procedure than expulsion.

  2. Hopefully some time incarcerated to have time to reflect upon ones stupidity. Troubled youth, bad parents, lack of a support system who cares, now you pay the price for violating common sense and the law. Not everyone rises to the top and you can’t fix stupid.

  3. How did a middle school student get a firearm of any type? Who was the adult who allowed this to occur? I take this person to task to answer these two simple questions.

  4. Just “one” of the many incidents of student serious misconduct that managed to escape to the media from Sylvester..

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