The King County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s help in identifying an unknown Hispanic male who called himself ‘Juan,’ and who assaulted a female on the Highline High School campus on Friday, May 5 around 8 p.m.: Police seeking suspect who fractured woman's jaw on Highline High campus 1 Police say that the 22-year old victim told them that the suspect – in his mid 20’s, around 180 pounds, with a medium build, brown eyes, short black hair, a black jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes – had attacked her about 20 minutes prior meeting with them. She said she had never seen the male before, and had been walking her dog on the property of the school campus at 225 S. 152nd Street. The victim said she was on a path by the lunchroom, and there was a sporting event going on at the school, and there was a crowd of people leaving the event. The male approached her from the front and asked her how to get to the game, and told her his name was “Juan.” She gave him directions to the game. Eventually he went over and stood by a tree nearby for a couple of minutes before re-approaching her and trying to pet her dog. Her dog began growling and she told him the dog wouldn’t let him pet. Police say that at this time she picked up her dog and began running away, and the suspect chased after her. He caught up with her and wrapped one of his arms around her neck, then constricted her neck with his arm; she said it made her struggle to breathe. Eventually she was able to get away and she ran home. Police add that the suspect ran toward the crowd of people leaving the sporting event, and that she did not know if he got into a car or not. The female victim sustained a fractured jaw.

If you have any information on this suspect, please call the King County Sheriff’s Office at (206) 296-3311.