A bit of excitement in Burien’s Three Tree Point Monday night (June 5), as two underage boys (13 & 17 years old) stole a one-man kayak from one neighbor and oars from another, then jumped down off the bulkhead and started to paddle out into Puget Sound.

Several neighbors who witnessed the theft in the 3500 block of SW 172nd Street (map below) yelled for the thieves to come back, but that made them paddle away faster.

Burien Police were called to report the theft, and they dispatched an officer.

“By this time they were floundering mid-channel and drifting north,” one witness told The B-Town Blog. “Suddenly they both overturned and went into the sound. Some neighbors who happened to be home and had their boat out on on a buoy sprang into action and retrieved them…just minutes away from drowning.”

The witness adds that it if wasn’t for the heroic neighbors who reacted quickly with their boat, the two boys may not have survived. The average water temp in Puget Sound this time of year is around 51 degrees, and hypothermia can set in under 12 minutes, depending on the person’s size.

“We want to thank Lonny and Mady Murrey for the heroics of saving them!”

South King Fire & Rescue showed up as the two kids were taken ashore.

“Obviously they were in a hypothermia state,” the neighbor said. “And one of the kids was shaking so bad he couldn’t even reach out of the water to grab anything.”

The young thieves were transported to the hospital with a police escort.

Here’s a video from a security camera showing one of the thieves receiving emergency treatment: